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Clarus Lighting & Controls

Clarus Lighting & Controls has been named a Grand Champion Sponsor for 2022 fair, sponsoring the Saturday entertainment, Figure 8 Demolition Derby. We once again thank Clarus for being a great partner! Clarus works directly with lighting manufacturers, architects, designers, electrical engineers, contractors and distributors to make projects come to light. Since 2013 Clarus has been built on sharing knowledge and highlighting the strengths of employees and the organizations they serve.

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2021 FAIR

Fair Board’s in the process of planning a great fair at Goodells County Park for 2021. Our entertainment line up will be the Rodeo on Monday, Crazy Chaotic Cars and Redneck Racing on Wednesday, Bump & Run on Friday and Figure 8 on Saturday. We’re working at putting together a Monster Truck Show and Tractor Pull. We are registering our beef project animals and everything’s on schedule for all the other project areas. We plan to have Dwayne Spaw’s great country music show as well. Look for updates soon!

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Livestock Animals for the Fair

St. Clair County 4-H & Youth Fair

A 4-H educator from Ohio posted this and it seems to really ring true in our current situation in our country.

“As 4-H educators we have been receiving a lot of questions related to whether families should move forward with purchasing market livestock for fair. what if we don’t have a fair? What will I do with my animal? Or the one that hurts the worst, what if I lose all my money?”

“My response to all these questions is a question itself. What are you in this for? What do you hope to gain?”

“If you are in 4-H so that your child can learn about the effort hat goes into raising livestock and producing food animal products, get the animal. “

“If you are in 4-H so that your child can become a better citizen or learn about goal setting or gain effective leadership skills, get the animal.”

“If you are in 4-H so that your child can be a step above their peers, so that they can develop a sense of belonging, mastery, independence and generosity, get the animal.”

“If you are in 4-H so that your child can learn about resilience, determination and never giving up hope (even in the middle of a pandemic), get the animal.”

“But if you are in 4-H so that your child can sell their animal for twice what you invested in it, don’t get the animal.”

“If you are in 4-H so that your child can bring home a big banner or a shiny trophy, don’t get the animal.”

“If you are in 4-H so that you can boast to co-workers and friends about how your child beat out 15 other peoples’ children to be coveted ‘Grand Champion’, don’t get the animal.”

“Ultimately if you do this thing called 4-H so that you can clean up at the county fair and earn awards, money and bragging rights, don’t get the animal because we can’t guarantee you those things this year.”

“We can only guarantee you this: The agricultural community is powerful. The loyalty and camaraderie among us is bigger than words can describe. Even if we are unable to have fair in the traditional sense, we will do everything humanly possible to ensure youth have the opportunity to display their work. Whether it’s posters or videos or fancier yet, virtual judging, we will go to the ends of the Earth to save the 4-H experience for your children.” We will help you in any way possible with your project, whether it’s to a packer five minutes up the road or loading it on a trailer headed halfway across the U.S., we will do the best that we can to help you navigate the ‘end game.

“Lastly, we can guarantee you that your child will learn. That despite limited club meetings or seven days at the county fair, your child will learn the important things. The things that matter. They will fill the days of this pandemic with hope as opposed to grief. Your child will develop a relationship with their animal(s) like they never have before because, quite frankly, it’s one of the few things they have left.”

“Is there a chance their experience will be different this year? Yes.

Is there a chance they will lose money? Yes.

“As a result, is their 4-H year a lost cause? Should they just give up?” We’ll leave that up to you.