"The Best Family Fair In Michigan"

"The Best Family Fair In Michigan"

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2022 Fair July 18-23

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MARKET BIRDS EXHIBITED AT FAIR (PLAN A):  Market birds will be exhibited at the fair, judged at the fair, Grand & Reserve birds chosen and sold on the live auction. All A-rated birds not chosen for Grand or Reserve Champion will be sold by silent auction. Birds will be removed from the fair to the processor and returned for pick up by the poultry buyers. 

MARKET BIRDS NOT EXHIBITED AT FAIR (PLAN B):    Provided that MDARD and/or Fair Board determines poultry cannot be exhibited at the fair, this will be announced via the Fair’s website (www.stclaircounty4hfair.org) and Facebook page (St. Clair County 4-H and Youth Fair). The market poultry birds will be collected at a designated site (likely Goodells County Park) by the processor prior to the beginning of the fair (likely the Thursday prior to fair). With enough notice from MDARD/Fair Board, birds will be judged on their carcasses at the processor to determine the  Grand  &  Reserve  Champion  birds  of each market class which will be sold on the live auction. All A-rated birds/carcasses will be sold by silent auction with the birds returned for pick up by the poultry buyers. Consult website and/or Facebook page for specific dates and times. 

Market Livestock Exhibitors Upload your photos of animal and tag(s) here:

Market Swine Tag Registration Upload

Market Sheep Tag Registration Upload

Market Goat Registration Upload

NEW FOR 2022

SWINE EXHIBITORS:  Here is a list of vendors that sell tags if you are needing the MDARD/USDA tags.  It is reported there is a multi-week backlog on orders, so do not wait to order tags if you need them.  You  must get a premise ID number in order to complete your order.  Tag Vendors

DOG PROJECT:  Stay tuned for the latest updates.  You will be able to find it here.

WANTED:  Parking Lot Superintendent (Paid position with the Fair).  Duties include setting up & marking parking lots prior to fair, set up handicap parking, work with parking aides during the week of fair in parking cars, close gates throughout week as needed, any other parking-related duties as required.  Provided:  Golf cart to get around the park, all parking materials & signs, communication device.  If interested, contact the fair office at (810) 364-9100 or email at st.clairco4hfair@gmail.com

SATURDAY, JULY 23 - FREE ADMISSION FROM 7:00 p.m. until close (Approx. 10 p.m.)

Livestock (Dairy, Beef, Veal, Swine, Sheep, Walking Fleece, Goats, Llamas/Alpacas) will be released on Saturday, July 23rd at 8 p.m.  Exhibitors are required to assist with fair clean up on Sunday, July 24th at 8 a.m.  

Still Exhibits will be released on Saturday, July 23rd at 7-8 p.m. or Sunday, July 24th from 8:00-9 a.m.  Any exhibits not picked up during this time will be packed and taken to the Fair Office for pick up at a later date to be determined.  Fair is not responsible for condition of exhibits during transportation to the Fair Office.

Shooting Sports Exhibitors:  IF the State Shoot is scheduled for Saturday, July 23, the fair will make accommodations to allow exhibitors to participate in the fair and State Shoot to the fullest extent possible.  

Swine weights will be 230-300 lbs. for 2022

Livestock Auction:  In order to limit the length of the live auction, the number of livestock species on the live auction will be limited for market lambs to 50 and market swine to 120.  The balance of the market sheep and swine will be sold on the silent auction.  All overweight swine will be sold on the silent auction.  The animals on the live auction will be determined by market class placings.  Note:  Market goats, market beef and veal will not be limited in 2022.

Underweight swine and underweight sheep will not be transported to a processor from the fair.  Underweight swine and sheep will be transported to Croswell Livestock Auction or Marlette Livestock Auction, or the exhibitor may take them home.

Natural Resources is now called Environmental & Outdoor Education.  The guidelines have not changed, just the name of the project area.


We are currently looking for the following superintendents:  Performing Arts, Horse Superintendent and Assistant Goat Superintendent.  If you are interested in a superintendent role, please fill out this application.  Superintendent Application.

2021 Livestock Auction Exhibitor/Buyer's Report