"The Best Family Fair In Michigan"

"The Best Family Fair In Michigan"

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The fair has adopted a rule consistent with recommendations made by the State of Michigan veterinarians regarding quarantining animals 14 prior to showing at the fair.   This is the rule as stated in the fair book:  "Livestock dairy, beef, sheep, swine, llamas, goats, poultry & rabbits cannot be exhibited at another exhibition within 14 days prior to the first day of fair."  This will be strictly enforced.  

Although the Fair has a veterinarian designated for the fair to perform tasks such as check in of livestock and monitor their health throughout the fair week, as well as act as a liaison with the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, there is NOT a veterinarian "on call" or available to exhibitors to treat their livestock during the week of fair.  Exhibitors are required to consult with their own veterinarian, as well as assume responsibility for all costs associated with their animal's medical care.